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We believe our success is grounded in our commitment to live and work responsibly, to make a positive difference. Sammons and its companies contribute to a variety of non-profit organizations that support the underserved, education, the arts and medicine.  We have made a commitment to the people in the locations where Sammons companies conduct business. 


Charitable Giving

Sammons provides financial support to non-profit organizations in the communities surrounding our businesses in the U.S., U.K., and Mexico. Gifts are given at the discretion of the local business' leadership and employees, creating meaningful connections between the recipient and the Sammons team. 

Matching Gifts

In addition to corporate giving, our employee matching program honors the causes our team members favor. 


Businesses across the Enterprise are encouraged to participate in the community by volunteering for worthy causes during working hours. Each Sammons company selects the organizations that can benefit from volunteer time. Annually, Sammons team members volunteer thousands of hours in coordination with non-profits in their respective communities. 


Impact InvestinG

Sammons is committed to impact investing. As part of our pledge, we allocate $5 million annually to companies, organizations, and funds that operate with the intention to generate measurable social and environmental impact. 

This program is in addition to our traditional charitable giving and employee matching programs. 

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