Living Up to Our Legacy

While our Founder Charles A. Sammons vigilantly monitored business expenses, he also had a generous heart. He created many jobs in the Dallas area. He also established a high standard of personal and corporate responsibility in the Dallas community, evidenced by his philanthropy.

In the 1970s, Charles Sammons established the Sammons Dallas Foundation. The Foundation served as a reminder of his commitment to improve education, support the arts and medicine and extend a helping hand to improve the quality of life for Sammons people, the neighborhood and the community.

His intention of sustained community involvement became reality on December 31, 2009, with an historic $100 million gift from the Sammons Dallas Foundation to six charitable organizations in Dallas. The resulting endowments honor Mr. Sammons for his generosity and commitment to creating a better place to raise our families and to conduct our businesses.

Community Involvement

The people of Sammons have caring hearts, and are actively involved in our communities. One by one, we make a difference where we live and work. We step up to serve on Boards and coach little league teams. We lend a helping hand in times of natural disasters. We volunteer at soup kitchens, assist our youth and senior citizens and support fundraising efforts for anti-violence programs.

You will find Sammons people at the food bank packing weekend food for hungry children in Dallas. Our people in Cannock, England, sponsored the training of a beautiful service dog through Dogs for the Disabled. In Fargo, we help the elderly prepare their homes for the winter and participate in the building of an indoor riding arena for physically challenged children. We fill countless sandbags as the Red River rises. In Sioux Falls, we feed the hungry and volunteer to make Special Olympics a meaningful experience for participants. In Dallas, we make wishes come true for children with life threatening illnesses, believe a cure will be found for cancer and support our veterans.

The list goes on and on. We are physically involved. We organize volunteer efforts through our businesses, and we volunteer independently. We spend our time and our money supporting the issues that we are passionate about to make our lives and communities better for our families and our neighbors.

Our Giving Program

We believe our success is grounded in our commitment to live and work responsibly, to make a positive difference. Sammons and its companies contribute to a variety of non-profit organizations that support the underserved, education, the arts and medicine.  We have made a commitment to the people in the locations where Sammons companies conduct business.

In 2006, Sammons partnered with three of its companies on community projects, contributing $95,000 while the employees contributed their muscle and time building homes with Habitat for Humanity. The enthusiasm for making a difference was impressive. In a few short years, the people and the companies of Sammons built a neighborhood of seven Habitat homes that stretch from Dallas, to Houston, Atlanta and Des Moines.

As part of our 75th anniversary celebration in 2013, the women and men of Sammons Enterprises, Inc. contributed $7.5 million and more than 11,000 volunteer hours to our communities.  Our initial budget has grown exponentially and our enthusiasm for volunteering keeps growing. Mr. Sammons set the bar high. We think we are up to the challenge.